Self Esteem/Confidence Programme

Two words self-esteem and confidence are used regularly but are they the same thing?

Self-esteem is how we value and perceive ourselves. It’s based on our opinions and beliefs about ourselves, and these are often formed early on in life and can be difficult to change. Your self-esteem can affect whether you like and value yourself as a person.

Self-confidence, means you accept and trust yourself and have a sense of control in your life. You know your strengths and weakness well, and have a positive view of yourself.

Most people have these, but sometimes life circumstances may have an impact and your self-esteem or confidence change.  These may include reasons such as relationship changes, poor treatment from a partner/partner, or an ongoing medical problem such as serious illness or even hormone changes to name just a few.

Whatever the reason is as to why you developed these I can help.

I work with you over the course of 3 sessions (an initial 90 minute consultation and then two 60 minute sessions). As each consultation is tailored to your specific needs you receive the maximum benefits.   

Our sessions can be recorded, allowing you to revisit the learnings at any time.

If you have any questions and to find out more, then please use the get in touch page.



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