How I Help

I am a menopause coach and I have been successfully helping women through this stage of their lives. However, what I noticed whilst working with women, is that at most sessions we end up talking about the men in their life as well. They said that their partners also seemed to be undergoing changes also, both physically and mentally.

I researched this further and spoke to some GP’s, and they confirmed that yes, the “male menopause” or andropause is definitely “a thing”. Upon learning more about the symptoms of the andropause, I realised I could recognise these symptoms in a number of men that I know. So I decided to set up Man Oh Pause® in order to also help men through this sometimes unsettling period of their lives.


What is the male menopause

The term “male menopause” or andropause refers to the time in a man’s life when his testosterone levels fall. This usually occurs in their mid to late 40’s and 50’s. Unlike women there is no sudden drop in hormones in men, so these changes can be less obvious and more subtle. The changes also occur and can last over a longer period of time.

Some men may develop a number of physical and emotional symptoms.

Common symptoms are:

Unlike with women, who, increasingly, are able to access more information and resources to help them this is not yet the case with men. I want to help to change this and be a pillar of support for any man who is struggling.

What I do to help

I am a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy practitioner, and I use both of these skills to assist me on coaching sessions. I help you to break bad habits and create new healthier ones. I also provide practical techniques that can be used to help you cope with situations and deal with the stress of changes which may occur during this phase.

These sessions are delivered via one-to-one private online coaching sessions, either as a one off or as part of a larger programme. Topics that can be covered include coping with changes, self-esteem issues, losing weight and stopping smoking to assist with a healthier lifestyle.

In these sessions I use a combination of the therapies to provide practical and lasting solutions for you. Each session is unique as I devise a personalised practical solution, depending on your specific needs.

I not only work with men going through the andropause, I work with men of all ages at all stages of life.

To find out more please browse my website and the programmes on offer. You can also get in touch and arrange a 15 minute chat to see how I can help you make this a positive transition.

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